Welcome to Floradale's Mennonite Church's website. You can find our bulletins, blogs from Fred, calendar, pictures and our newsletter Focus on Floradale. Our church is a member church of Mennonite Churches of Eastern Canada and is located at 22 Florapine Rd. in Floradale Ontario. Our vision is simple, Loving God…Loving our Neighbour. As part of our Adult Sunday School Program we had a seven week series on this vision you can watch online.
If you really want to discover who we are, give us a call or stop by on a Sunday.
Sunday mornings we have Sunday School at 9:45AM and our regular service starts at 11:00AM.

Church Bulletin - March 29'15

Sermon: "Groups of Twelve" - Fred Redekop

Ponder Anew - March 27'15

Good morning,

Monday, will begin the final week of Jesus' life. Jesus arrives on Sunday for the parade, but then he goes back to Bethany. It seems that he might have entered the city everyday, but went back to stay with friends every night... Mary, Martha and Lazarus and maybe others.

Sunday March 25, 2015

Church Bulletin - March 22'15

Sermon: "Let's Start a New Community" - Fred Redekop

Ponder Anew - March 20'15

Good morning Everyone,

In Jesus' life, right after he is baptized by John (the Baptist), he begins to look for a small group to help him do the work of the Kingdom. Really. The Son of God needs someone to help him to do the divine work. Jesus selects James and John, Peter and Andrew... and Judas to tell the world about the new thing God is going to do. I think it is extraordinary that God's Son needs the help of humanity.

Sunday March 15, 2015

Church Bulletin - March 15'15

Sermon: "Encouraging Community" - Kendra Whitfield Ellis

Ponder Anew March 13'15

Good morning,

Celebrating God's Generosity - The Building is Paid

We are planning to celebrate on Sunday April 19th the paying off of the building that we worship in on Sunday mornings. It was built in 2006, and we have been fundraising and pledging money to pay down the cost for about 10 years. Wow, almost $4 million dollars in ten years. At our annual meeting on February 22nd, we paid it off with our surplus from 2014.

What is your favourite space in the place?
What have you remembered experiencing here? A potluck meal, your first time in the place, or a worship service?

Sunday March 8, 2015

Sermon: “Kingdom Purpose” Jason Martin

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