Welcome to Floradale's Mennonite Church's website. You can find our bulletins, blogs from Fred, calendar, pictures and our newsletter Focus on Floradale. Our church is a member church of Mennonite Churches of Eastern Canada and is located at 22 Florapine Rd. in Floradale Ontario. Our vision is simple, Loving God…Loving our Neighbour. As part of our Adult Sunday School Program we had a seven week series on this vision you can watch online.
If you really want to discover who we are, give us a call or stop by on a Sunday.
Sunday mornings we have Sunday School at 9:45AM and our regular service starts at 11:00AM.

Church Bulletin - November 23

Sermon: "Celebrate Children" - Fred Redekop

Fred's Blog for November 21

Good morning, in the name of our Saviour and Lord,

My great-great grandfather's name was Gerhard Johann Tiessen. He was born in the Molotschna Colony, Russia in 1825. My cousin Eleanore (Rempel) Woollard has just completed a two volume genealogy of my Tiessen ancestors. My mother's mother was Maria Tiessen. She died in Russia in 1921, when my mother was only two years old. So, although I am part of the Tiessen family line, I knew almost none of these relatives. Two of my great-uncles were two of the five Tiessens who were killed in a massacre by Russian bandits in 1918.

November 16 Sunday Service

Church Bulletin - November 14

Sermon: "We must be about Peace, for this is the Day of the Lord" - Fred Redekop

Fred's Blog for November 14

Good morning,

"Where you stand determines what you see."
Lowell Ewert, at a seminar on " Human Rights, Business and Peace."

Recently, Shirley and I went on a walk with her aunt and uncle on the Woolwich Conservation trail. I have walked and biked this trail (right behind the church) hundreds of times. Often I am looking down to make sure I do not crash, or I am looking down to see how fast I am going. When we walked with Paul and Minerva, they heard birds and their calls, and named most of the trees. Birds and trees are their passion.

Sunday November 9 2014

Sermon: “Family Portrait” Kendra Whitfield Ellis

Church Bulletin - November 9

Sermon: "Family Portrait" - Kendra Whitfield Ellis

Fred's Blog for November 7

For many years, I have understood that we experience the presence or sense of God in three ways.

1. Through creation. God is creator. God fashioned all the animals, all the plants, the planets, the dinosaurs, the galaxies and galaxies beyond all my comprehension. In the last week, we felt the presence of God as we drove through the Canadian Shield of northern Ontario. Four bald eagles and four deer, millions of trees and thousands of lakes reminded us of the Almighty.

Church Bulletin - November 2

Sermon: What Have Your Words Been Up To? - Chris Brnjas

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